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Welcome to our website!

Hallmark Events is an independent organizer of author’s conferences, seminars, congresses for business, local governments and state institutions. We prepare projects providing expert knowledge to participants of our events, which allows to make well-aimed decisions, start valuable business contacts and successfully plan the development of your company.

The key of our company to create such meetings with knowledge 
are the following:
  • professionalism
  • experience
  • business contacts
Co-operation with numerous partners, to mention only renown law offices, leading consulting companies and government organizations, allows us to successfully obtain experts and practitioners best in their fields of expertise.

Our partners are sole and only people and companies who have received top marks for previously run projects. A “fine logo” is not enough for us to invite anyone to co-operation; we require practical experience and the ability to convey the knowledge.
We value constructive criticism of the addressees of our events and that is why we ask for your opinions that can be put forward directly to the Project Manager or send on the following e-mail address:
HE (at) hallmarkevents.pl

Our company

We are an independent company creating unconventional business events. We wish for every project to be a determinant of quality above the average and participation in our conferences, seminars and trainings to be inspiration for effective and useful operations in your companies.


Our mission is to support market entities and government, local government and non-governmental organizations in developing effective co-operation, searching for reliable and practical knowledge with extra emphasis on high quality of the services rendered by HALLMARK EVENTS.


Our projects focus upon providing and presenting application of the latest information on change trends, legal and economic considerations of the given issue. Preparation of every project is preceded with thorough market and potential participants’ needs analysis, which is reflected by our motto „At quality first”.

Should you have any comments or questions concerning our activity, please contact us via telephone or electronic mail on the following address HE (at) hallmarkevents.pl


Speakers of events organized by HALLMARK EVENTS are carefully chosen professionals and practitioners. 
They all need to be characterized by the ability to convey the knowledge and experience they possess.
By putting extra pressure on quality of the projects we run and the need to assure our participants of contact with the best experts, we constantly look for people with rich professional experience and knowledge, who feel perfectly at ease during public presentations for numerous and demanding audience. During every project speakers are evaluated by the participants in relation to both their substantial knowledge, and the ability to convey it.
All those who are interested in co-operation, please contact us via telephone or electronic mail with clearly stated title: 
HE (at) hallmarkevents.pl


Events organized by Hallmark Events gather the crucial representatives of companies’ management boards, government and local government administration, creating opportunities for presentation of companies offering products and services sold in B2B markets.

All those who are interested in co-operation are offered with sponsor package. They enable presentation of the company and its offer to a wide group of potential clients, both during the conference and the promotion campaign. 
Details are determined individually at the stage of organization of each project.

Why is it worth to promote your company during our events?

Participants of our events are figures holding key positions in local government, government administration and decision making persons from Polish and foreign companies. The sponsor co-operation uses various forms of delivering your messages via personal contact, the Internet, multimedia and printed materials. Contact with partners of your interest lasts for the time of promotion campaign, during the event as well as after it has ended and it includes, among others: brand visualization, running an effective presentation of the products/services, starting and building direct rapport with the clients.


We invite the media, sector organizations and companies, embassies and chambers of commerce to co-operation. We allows to start contact with managers of leading companies, local government, government authorities, as well as experts in the field of legal norms, financial aspects, technical issues, conceptual news and to become acquainted with the best Polish and foreign experiences concerning subjects discussed during HALLMARK EVENTS. 

Co-operation with the media:

We offer the interested Media to start co-operation, in the form of media patronage, during conferences we organize. 
Accreditation of the journalists interested in participation in our conferences - email: HE (at) hallmarkevents.pl

Media patronage will enable you to:
  • participate in preparation and realization of a given event, 
  • promotions of the brand among the participants, 
  • interviews with the participants and speakers.

Co-operation with Chambers of Commerce, Embassies and sector Organizations.

We offer co-operation in the form of Substantial Patronage.
We determine the details individually for each event. 
All those who are interested in co-operation, please contact us via telephone or electronic mail with clearly stated title: HE (at) hallmarkevents.pl
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